• Simple issuing of invoices Light entrepreneurship or the invoicing service gives people flexibility about their work and allows to work for several employers, for instance have several part-time jobs. You can issue invoices for several customers.
  • No paperwork. In terms of taxation, a light entrepreneur is an employee. If the entrepreneurship is considered consistent, the light entrepreneur shall conclude a mandatory YEL insurance contract (pension insurance for entrepreneurs).
  • Possibility to register at the unemployment insurance fund A self-employed person can join through unemployment fund and is also entitled to sickness benefits when paying YEL insurance.
  • Free of charge registration and no commitments Being a light entrepreneur does not cost anything and does not entail any commitments. You can join any time and start issuing invoices right away. The service fee shall be calculated from the issued invoices and shall be paid from the accrued sums.
  • Risk free. You can test your knowledge and skills by practising light entrepreneurship – and it is risk-free! We provide counselling for all of our customers if necessary.
  • Keep the opportunity to apply for start-up money. Light entrepreneurship does not prohibit you from applying for start-up money later on, if you wish to start your own company after trying out light entrepreneurship.
  • Rental work. The use of invoicing service is a simple solution for rental employees who wish to have all the legally required taxes and insurance paid for their subcontracting works.
  • Determine the price Light entrepreneurship is an alternative for employment if the company cannot or it is not beneficial for the company to conclude a traditional employment contract or if the job is temporary.