• The following taxes shall be deducted from the sum of your invoice:
    service fee 6% + VAT, insurance fees 4,15% (VAT already included), your VAT percentage.
  • If you wish your VAT percentage to be lower than 60%, you need to submit to us your Tax Board certificate for us before your salary payment. This can be submitted by clicking on “Submit tax certificate”, uploading the file and sending it to us.
  • By acting through us, you do not need separate insurance. However, voluntary insurance can still be chosen based on your own information.
  • If you have a profession which does need specific insurance due to legal requirements, then our accident insurance is not valid.
  • Liability insurance covers the damages up to the sum of 1,000,000 euros pursuant to the terms and conditions of the insurance. The deductible for the insured person is 1,200 euros. The liability insurance does not cover the activities which require separate insurance protection based on the laws on occupational health and safety and occupational diseases.
  • If you wish to collect for pension, you shall pay the YEL insurance premium payments. YEL is voluntary if your annual income does not exceed 8,053 euros and you are between 18 and 67 years of age.