• Issuing invoices has been made very easy for you on our website. You just have to enter the data of your customer, the payment deadlines and the description of work as well as the data about salary payments. Your salary shall be paid out as soon as the invoice has been paid.
  • You can also issue invoices for foreign companies. When issuing invoices for foreign companies, the VAT is always 0% because these companies do not belong to the Finnish tax system. Do not forget to add the VAT number of the foreign company on the invoice.
  • We shall review the invoices within 24 hours and when everything is correct, we shall issue the invoice to your customer. The invoices issued by you and confirmed by us can be viewed in your data folder.
  •   If you are operating in the sector where the VAT is 0%, then change the VAT % when preparing the invoice; if your field of operations is construction services, then choose the respective VAT line
  •  If you need to prepare a credit invoice, please inform our customer service about it by sending an e-mail to
  •  If you have made expenses for the specific work and want to have them deducted, please add them to the invoice by submitting photos or files of such cost documents.
  •   Expenses related to the invoice shall be deducted before the salary calculations.
  • Also, pay attention to the benefits you mark based on the field of your work. If you have applied for benefits that you are not entitled to receive, we shall contact you.