Why choose a light business?


The following fees shall be deducted from the sum of your invoice: service fee 6% + VAT, insurance fees 4,15% (VAT already included), your VAT percentage. If you wish . […]


Easy invoicing. No paperwork. You can join through the unemployment fund. Risk free. Set the price of the work yourself. […]


On our website, invoicing has been made very easy for you. You enter your customer details, payment terms and job description and send an invoice. […]


Taxes shall also be automatically paid from all the salaries you pay out. In 24 hours after the form is submitted, the salary notice appears under your data in PDF format […]

About us

MR Lasku is a platform offering invoicing services.
Light entrepreneurship or the invoicing service gives people flexibility about their work and allows to work for several employers, for instance have several part-time jobs.
You can test your knowledge and skills by practising light entrepreneurship – and it is risk-free!

Do the work you love, choose your own working time and determine your salary. Leave the invoicing for MR Lasku.

Be an entrepreneur already today!


Joining fee: 0 €

Registration as a user of the service is free of charge and does not oblige you to do anything. After registration, you can log in and start working immediately.

Service fee is JUST 6% (+ VAT 24%).

The service fee is charged only at the time of payment of the salary and is calculated on the settlement amount excluding VAT. You can consolidate as many invoices as you want under one salary payment. NB! The VAT part of the service fee of MR LASKU OY may be deducted as expenses for obtaining income within the framework of your personal taxation.

Invoicing: 0 €

Invoicing is convenient and fast. You can start invoicing immediately and, if necessary, we will contact you and specify the information reflected in the invoice.