How much does it cost to get started with and use the service?
Getting started with the service is free of charge, you shall only pay for the service upon the withdrawal of the salary – 6% from the sum of the invoice without VAT.

Can I start using the service right away and does it entail any obligations? 
The service is with an indefinite period. By creating the account, the users confirm that they adhere to the user terms and conditions of MRlasku.fi.

Can I be active in different professional fields??
Yes, you can be active in as many professional fields as you like..

Can I be a light entrepreneur even if I am an entrepreneur?
Yes, even if you are an entrepreneur, you can still issue invoices through Mrlasku.fi. In this case, we will also need your personal tax card. If you are an entrepreneur and you wish to hire employees, your employees can also use our invoicing service.

Can I order a Valtti card through you?
  • If necessary, you can order a Valtti card through us, which costs 41.17 euros (we do not charge anything extra for it). If you need a Valtti card, please contact our customer service and add the following information:
    • A focused and sharp document photo
    • Your full name
    • • Tax number (from your tax card)
  • Note! The tax number shall be entered into the public registry of tax numbers.

How can I conclude an agreement with my employer and who is the other party of the agreement?
You can conclude a cooperation agreement with your employer, where the other party of the agreement is yourself, since our customers are not entitled to conclude any agreements on behalf of MR Lasku OY.

If you did not find the answer to your question, you can write to us yourself.