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Registering on our page does not commit you to anything. You only pay for using the service when withdrawing your salary 6% of the net amount of the service fee invoice.

Yes, the service can be used immediately after registration. Registration does not involve any obligations. 

Yes, you can. Being a light entrepreneur, you choose who you provide the service to and how much you ask for your salary figure. 

Yes, even if you are an entrepreneur, you can submit invoices MRlasku.fi .

Mrlasku.fi is an intermediary platform for billing services, which means that one of the parties to the contract is your subscriber, and the other party is you. Customers do not have the right to conclude contracts on behalf of MR Lasku OY.

When terminating the use of the Mrlasku.fi service, we must be notified by e-mail so that we can also terminate your existing insurance contracts. (YEL, KATATURMA). After notification, we will delete your profile from our database.


Express payment is a service in which we pay you your salary before the invoice is received. Since this is our direct risk, we therefore reserve the right to decide to whom we issue an express payment and to whom we do not.

In order to avoid unpleasantness, before choosing express payment to the invoice (Express payment is 5% of the invoice amount), please contact us by e-mail or phone and find out whether express payments are issued to this company. 

Quick payment is 5% of the invoice amount and will be paid out within 3 working days. 

Confirmation by the company to whom the invoice has been submitted is important for quick payment disbursement! 


You need a tax certificate if you receive a salary or other income in Finland. The income tax percentage is indicated on the tax certificate. 

It is your responsibility to upload a new income tax certificate at the beginning of each year with the income tax % and annual gross salary.

If you have just moved to Finland, you can get a tax certificate from the Finnish Tax Office. For the tax certificate, you need to estimate how much income you get throughout the year. You also need a Finnish personal identification number. You get a personal identification number when you register as a resident at the Office of Digital and Population Data. You can also get a temporary personal identification number from the tax office.

Read more on the page Registering as a resident.

The tax certificate is renewed every year. If you live permanently in Finland, the tax office sends you a new tax certificate every year in December-January. The tax office calculates the income tax percentage for you based on your previous year's income. As a MR LASKU customer, it is also your responsibility to send us your updated income tax certificate every year. 

If you do not add your tax certificate in our system, your salary will be withheld subject to 60% income tax.

The electronic tax card can be found on the Internet, at the online service OmaVero.fi. In addition, you can order a tax certificate at home in paper form.

If your income changes during the year, you must order a new tax certificate. You can order a new tax card from the tax office's online service OmaVero.fi or

Via the tax office's service phone:

    • in Finnish 029 497 000,
    • in Swedish 029 497 001,
    • inglise keeles 029 497 050.


If your professional activities take place in shipyards or in the construction industry, then yes, you need a Valttika card to work in Finland.

Valttikart- is the card most commonly used by general contractors on Finnish construction sites for the electronic registration of work and working hours of persons present on the work site. The Valttikaart is an identity card with an employee's picture and data, which can be used to easily prove the data of the payer, the employee's professional competence and completion of the initial introductory training at the workplace.

Yes you can. The Valtti card can be ordered directly from our website ORDER THE VALTT CARD, which will take you directly to pay with a bank link.

Valtti card subscription costs 41,17 €. If you have trouble ordering the Valttikaart, please contact our customer service by e-mail lasku@mrlasku.fi . Kirja pealkirjaks palume lisada VALTTIKAARDI tellimus (teie ees ja perekonnanimi).


Note! The tax number must be entered in the public register of tax numbers in order to order a valtti card. 

After ordering the Valtti card, you will receive the Valtti card in PDF format by e-mail within 1 working day. The plastic card will be delivered to your chosen address within 7-14 working days. 

Cards are valid for 3 years.

The existing orange Valtti cards work together with the new green Valtti cards at least until May 31, 2025, if the validity period of the card does not expire earlier.

New cards are valid for at least 3 years.


Yes, you also have to declare it in Estonia, but you don't have to pay the tax again. To get more detailed information on how to declare correctly, you can contact the Estonian Tax Board.

If your annual gross income in Finland is EUR 8,575.45, you are obliged to join the YEL pension insurance. 

In 2023 it is The minimum income for YEL pension insurance is 8,575.45 euros and the maximum income is 194,750 euros. In 2023, the minimum limit for unemployment insurance is 14,088 euros.


The minimum YEL insurance premium together is 166 EUR per month, which we deduct from your invoices every month. 

The amount of YEL is deducted from your salary, the amount of which depends on how many bills you submit per month. E.g. In one month you submit 4 invoices, then 166/4 = 41.50 EUR from each invoice. 

*It is your responsibility to ensure that we can deduct the insurance amount you have chosen from your invoices every month.

For example: If you have chosen to issue two invoices per month, but you know in advance that you will issue one invoice, you can inform us before the invoice is issued and we can change the amount of the YEL Payment.

If you go to order a YEL pension on the website, you can immediately sign a power of attorney on our website. You can also see which rights you grant with a power of attorney. You will also receive a copy of the power of attorney by e-mail.



Accident insurance is occupational accident insurance, which is not mandatory, but strongly recommended.

*On our website you can order accident insurance and sign a power of attorney directly on the website. You will also receive a copy of the power of attorney by e-mail.


If you are on the bailiff's list of claims, they will send us a notification about this along with the amount to be withheld and information. We must withhold this amount from each invoice you submit until the outstanding balance is paid. Usually 1/3 of the net salary is withheld.

The bailiff's claim is removed after the bailiff has sent a letter about the termination of the claim.

*Please note that letters from Finland reach us in about 21 working days. 

Did you not find answers to your question? Write to us and we will answer you within 24 hours on working days.

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