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  1. Mrlaskufi service is provided by MR Lasku OY. In these terms, “MRLasku”, “we” or “us” refers to MR Lasku OY or an additional name registered by MR Lasku OY. The user of the service is a contractor who works for the client and independently agrees on terms of tasks and pricing.
  2. MR Lasku OY does not market or sell the work of service users. Sales promotion and marketing measures must be agreed separately between MRlasku and the service user.
  3. The use of the service requires the creation of a user on the mrlasku.fi page. Creating a user is free and does not bind the user to anything. MR Lasku informs about the operation of the user account with a separate email: "Thank you for the registration. You can now log in to the service.”
  4. MR Lasku is in no way responsible for the liability or obligations of its users in their work. In this context, liability and responsibility include errors, delays or omissions occurring during or after the user's work. The user of the service must independently agree on the performance of the work with the client. If the user of the service refuses, is unable or in some other way unable to correct the error caused by himself, MR Lasku has the right to correct the defective result of the work and demand the costs from the user of the service. The user of the service must ensure that the principal and third parties are fully aware of our positions and the division of responsibilities between the parties.
  5. The user of the service is insured with the insurance prescribed by law. MR Laskul OY-I has liability insurance of up to 1,000,000 euros, which, according to the terms and conditions of the insurance, compensates the principal or third parties and material property for damage caused during the work. The user of the service is responsible for paying the deductible part of the insurance compensation. The insurance does not cover damage caused by unprofessional work. If the sector in which the service user operates is under the supervision of the authorities, a sufficient and correct certificate and documentation of the service user's professional skills shall be submitted to MR Lasku.
  6. The user of the service is obliged to take out a YEL pension if his annual income exceeds 8,575 euros (in 2023). The user can also sign a pension through MR Lasku on the basis of a power of attorney.
  7. The user of the service is responsible for taking out accident insurance himself, and can also take out this insurance on the basis of a power of attorney through MR Lasku. MR Lasku is not responsible for the service user's work accident if the user has not taken out accident insurance and has subsequently had a work accident.
  8. MR Lasku OY guarantees the privacy of service users in accordance with the "Tietosuojalain (2018/1050)" and "Sähköisen viestinnän tietosuojalain (516/2004)". The user of the service does not have the right to issue invoices, credits, installments or subcontracts on behalf of MR Lasku. Service user contracts must be concluded in the sense that MR Lasku OY is an administrative company and the service user is responsible for his contractual obligations. The business name of the management company may not be used for non-VAT purchases within or outside the EU.
  9. The service fee indicated on the website is charged for paid payments. The service fee is progressive and depends on the total bill of the service user. The service fee is six percent and is calculated based on the invoice price excluding VAT. There is no separate minimum price per service charge.
  10. The instant salary service fee is 5%, which must be paid in addition to the regular service fee. Instant Pay is bill-specific and you must select a separate instant payment on your billing form. Fast payment time depends on invoice verification. The user of Kiirpalga receives the salary in his bank account within 3 days, if the invoice is confirmed by the employer. In addition, the invoice must be undisputed and the principal amount of the invoice must not contain any credit features. The validity of the express payment is confirmed directly with the employer, if the user has not submitted a written confirmation of the invoice. The user of Kiirpalga can have up to 2,000 euros of open invoices at the same time.
  11. The user of the service must submit a tax card to MR Lask for salary payment. The tax card must be presented before the first payment. It is possible to sign the contract with the client before submitting the tax card. If the tax card is not submitted before the first salary, we withhold 60% of the salary.
  12. MR Lasku pays the service user when the invoice payment has arrived in the bank account. The salary is paid when all the necessary information (receipts, travel expenses, information, fee distribution, etc.) has been properly submitted to us.
  13. Teenuse kasutaja palk arvutatakse käibemaksuvaba arve summa alusel. Käibemaksuvabast summast arvestatakse maha teenustasu kuus protsenti, (kui on sõlmitud siis ka õnnetusjuhtumikindlustus ja pensioni kindlustus), tööandja kohustuslikud kulud ja teenuse kasutaja isiklikud mahaarvamised. Korralduse alusel makstavad palgad ja kulud lepitakse kokku nii ühekordsete, sealhulgas puhkusekompensatsioonide osas.*Lisaks palgamaksele antakse kasutajale ka elektrooniline palga kirjeldus. Kasutajal on õigus nõuda ka töö- ja palgatõendit. Lisaks ei pea teenuse kasutaja tegema eraldi deklaratsioone ega eraldi makseid teistele osapooltele.
  14. The user of the service is obliged to comply with safety regulations. Work-related tax exemptions and per diems are reimbursed based on relevant earnings. Expenses can be paid for your car and material costs related to work (except for trips between home and work).
  15. The user of the service cannot deduct the purchase of fixed assets through MR Lasku, otherwise the accounting property will be transferred to us. The above-mentioned purchases must be deducted during the service user's personal taxation. The user of the service is also responsible for ensuring that the reported tax-free expenses and other expenses are correct and not more than two months old (receipts for expenses must be submitted in original at the latest when making the payment). MR Lasku reserves the right not to accept expense requests
  16. The user of the service is obliged to agree on the work and prices with the customer. MR Lasku recommends signing a written employment contract that shows at least the minimum content of the work. The user must determine the total cost of his work in such a way that the gross salary is not lower than the employment contract in force in the industry. Remuneration must not be less than that set out in industry minimum wage regulations, including the payment of tax-free benefits. MR Lasku reserves the right not to pay if a violation of the above rules is suspected.



    1. The user of the service must comply with the laws in force in Finland.
    2. The user of the service must follow the occupational safety regulations and is obliged to familiarize himself with the future work and related occupational safety measures before starting work. The user of the service must ensure that he has the correct and up-to-date protective equipment necessary for work. The user of the service is also responsible for the use of these tools.
    3. Under the supervision of the authorities, the user of the service must prove his qualification with relevant documents. If the work requires separate licenses, the service user is responsible for having the correct and up-to-date rights. Work permits subject to authorization must be coordinated with MR Lasku in advance. If these conditions are violated, the user of the service is not entitled to compensation through the current liability insurance of MR Lasku Oy.
    4. The user of the service is personally responsible for the correctness of all information provided by him. This applies, among other things, to the information provided in the billing form and the declaration of tax-free expenses and other expenses.
    5. MR Lasku under no circumstances guarantees the work performed by the contractor and is not responsible for damages resulting from the "Product Liability Law (649/1990)". From the point of view of both taxation and accounting, the light entrepreneur is identified as an employee of MR Lasku Oy.
    6. In other aspects, such as labor law, the legal status of the employee may differ. In the case of unemployment benefits, a light entrepreneur can be classified as an entrepreneur. In relation to pension insurance, the employee is responsible for taking out YEL insurance. MR Lasku allows you to take out YEL insurance obligation and accident insurance through the service. For these, MR Lasku withholds the fee separately before the salary is paid out. Withholdings are reflected on the payslip.